Mtg – Blue and Black Edh Must Haves

Mtg – Blue and Black Edh Must Haves

A list of some blue and black cards that are powerful in EDH and won’t break the bank! If you’re building a blue and black EDH deck and don’t want to spend a ton of cash check this out!

Hello again EDH fans! If you’re reading this, you’re most likely looking to build a blue and black EDH deck. This article will list several powerful blue and black cards for EDH that almost all cost under $2.00. Building on a budget is difficult to do, so hopefully this article will help you out!

Now one thing that I do need to mention is that most of these cards are mill oriented. It is possible to build a non-mill blue and black EDH deck, but those seem the strongest to me so that’s why those type of cards appear most on this list.

Cavern Harpy

The first card on the list is one tha actually isn’t really a “must have” by some people’s standards. However, I’ve had so many good experiences with this card that I just had to recommend it. It’s a cheap 2/1 flyer that you can bounce to your hand for only one life. You do have to return a blue or black creature to your hand when you play it, but that’s actually a good thing! It allows you to trigger “comes into play” and “leaves play” abilities multiple times. Furthermore, if you use this card alonside something like Extractor Demon or Brain Freeze you can mill a pretty decent amount of cards in addition to other things you might trigger! This card can pull off some fun mini-combos so you’ve just got to get a hold of one!

Clutch Of The Undercity

Here we have a card with a decent effect, but nothing crazy powerful. However, the reason this needs to be included is that it has transmute. Essentially, it can tutor for any card with the same converted mana cost. That means that when you need to get rid of a permanent you can use it to do so, but if you need to grab X from your deck then you can! There are a few other cards ont his list with transmute as well. We’ll get to them a litlle later. Remember: each tutor card in EDH is essentially the same as having two of every card in your deck (that the card can tutor for). What I mean to say is that one tutor card doubles your chances of getting X into your hand.

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Dralnu is a beast

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