MTG: Green and Blue Infinite Combos

MTG: Green and Blue Infinite Combos

Using only five cards you can have infinite damage, infinite life, and infinite mana! There’s also two bonus combos for infinite creatures and an infinite mill.

Here is another brand new, never before seen MTG combo! This combo is requires blue and green cards. You are about to get your hands on a powerful series of infinite combos that will ensure your victory! Remember, no one has ever seen this combo before! You’re one of the few who knows it! Put it to good use!

The basis for this series of combos— Infinite Mana

The infinite mana combo only takes three cards to work. These cards are Magus Of The Candelabra, Pemmin’s Aura, & a mana accelerator. For the mana accelerator, I reccomend Wild Growth, High Tide, or Fertile Ground. It all depends on what you think will work better in your deck. You’ll need an island and two of the accerators in play (or play High Tide and have two islands in play). Also, have Magus Of The Candelabra in play with Pemmin’s Aura enchanting it. Tap all the land you have to pay for the X on Magus Of The Candelabra. You’ll have some left over from the accelerators. Make sure to save one blue mana each time! Use the left over blue mana to pay Pemmin’s Aura’s cost to untap Magus Of The Candelabra. Repeat this an infinite number of times. Now you have infinite mana to do whatever you wish with. Let’s continus with the article for some ideas on how to spend that mana.

Staying In The Game With— Infinite Life

First, why don’t we make sure that we won’t be losing the game very easily? Let’s gain some infinite life! This requires the infinite mana combo first, but the all you need for this is either Stream Of Life or Dawnglow Infusion. You can use Oracle Of Nectars if you want a renewable source. This is pretty simple. Just pump the mana into the mana cost. Infinite life.

Securing Victory With— Infinte Damage, Infinite Mill, or Infinite Creatures

Just because you have infinite life doesn’t mean that you’ll win. Let’s go into some more combos to win. All of these also require the infinite mana combo. For infinite damage, simply pump mana into Hurricane. This can cause you to end the game in a draw if your life is lower than your opponent’s life, however that’s why I talked about the infinite life combo before this. Even if you are below your opponen’t life, you won’t lose. The game will only be a draw. However, who wants to depend on three infinite combos for a win? Very tricky. Let’s move on to an infinite mill. You need Whetwheel and the infinite mana combo for this. All their cards go straight to the graveyard. Once they try to draw they lose. Finally, let’s talk about getting infinite creatures so you can do some good old fashioned attacking to win. For this combo you need the infinite mana combo and Verdeloth The Ancient. Just pump all your mana into the kicker cost and get infinite creatures. If you have a Essence Warden in play you’ll gain infinite life from that too! Wow!

Well, there it is! A brand new and totally original infinite combo package! Thanks for reading and I hope you use this to smash your opponents!

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Oboro palace, fastbond, hedron crab, figure it out

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