MTG: Top 10 Enchant Land Cards

MTG: Top 10 Enchant Land Cards

Taking a look at the best enchant land cards ever printed!

You can’t play MTG without land! Well, if you have Moxes and Spirit Guides, I suppose you can, but most players play with land! Well, why not have cards that make land better? Right? Well, this article is all about those some of those cards. I’m going to take a look today at the best enchat land cards ever printed!

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#10 Noxious Field

This card is a mini version of Pestilence. Most people only use Pestilence once, so this card is like a cheaper version. What’s nice is that you can put it on any land, which means you don’t have to tie up your black mana like you would have to with Pestilence. You can just enchant a land that doesn’t produce black mana.

#9 Sunken Field

This card is useful becase it forces your opponent to always keep one mana open, restricting the cost of their spells by one mana. It adds to your control of the game.

#8 Fertile Ground

For those who run multicolor decks, this card was a lot of help when it first came out. And it still is today! However, with many of the newer lands out, this card’s power has weakend. Even so, two mana on one land is awesome. When one of thsoe two mana produced is of any color, you’ve got a great thing going on!

#7 Chamber Of Manipulation

This card is cool because you get to steal a creature. Of course, you can’t use it because it doesn’t gain haste, but if you can steal creatures to block with. However, you can use abilities requiring activation costs as well as sacrifice abilities. It’s surprising that this card doesn’t see more game play. It’s actually quite amazing!

#6 Blight

Black and red land destruction decks shouldn’t be without a card like this. Destroying land is great. Not much fun for the other play, but very amusing for you!

#5 Animal Boneyard

Now I’ve got some stuff to say about this card! This card allows you to gain some life when you need to at the cost of a creature. That alone is awesome. But, let’s take it a step further. This card can also give you infinite life! Think about it. If you can get a card to have infinite toughness, you can get infinite life. Not only that, if you play a card like Purity and use this card on it, you can prevent yourself from being milled at the end of the game! Of course, if your opponent uses a card that forces your to draw a lot of cards, you may be in trouble! However, this card can save your life. It’s a great enchant land card.

#4 Nettlevine Blight

Although not strictly an enchant land card, this card is pretty useful. It slowly devours all the cards your opponent controls (besides artifacts and enchantments). It’s an interesting card and is reminiscent of Steam Vines from Odyssey, only much better!

#3 Genju Of The Cedars, Genju Of TheFalls, Genju Of The Fends, Genju Of The Fields, & Genju Of The Spires

These cards are all similar and all amazing. On the second turn you can get a very powerful creature. Not only that, but when the land you enchant goes to the graveyard you get the enchant land card back! It’s an undying creature. You can only enchant certain lands, but these cards are so worth it. The blue and green ones are my personal favorite, though they’re all good.

#2 Squirrel Nest

This card is good becaue it gives you a creature each turn. Of course, everyone knows the infinite combo with this card and Earthcraft. Besides that broken combo, this card is still amazing. A free chump blocker each turn. People don’t take squirrels seriously, but they’re pretty hard core. Check out the squirrel cards and you’ll see what I mean.

#1 Wild Growth

This is the best enchant land card of all time. It gives you three mana on your second turn (providing you play another land). It accelerates your game the same way Llanowar Elves does. This card gives you the advantage in speed and can win you the game early on. It’s been printed ten times, most recently in Seventh Edition, but will surely see a reproduction soon. Perhaps MTG 2010?

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Jacurutu, posted this comment on Jun 15th, 2009

Elvish guidance ( is one of the nastiest land enchants for a tribal deck. Especially if you pair it with Llanowar Elves (1 mana), Priest of Titania (2 mana), and then anything that generates elf tokens (Nath of the Gilt-Leaf, Elvish Promenade, Imperious Perfect, Prowess of the Fair). This card is another way to generate stupid amounts of mana with a tribal elf deck.

Drakdrium13, posted this comment on Jun 15th, 2009

you’re right about that! however, i tried to include more general cards on this list rather than tribal specific enchant lands. if it were on the list, it would be number two because wild growth is still used so much more often. plus, it also has been around a lot longer. i appreciate your feedback though. thanks for reading!

Bruno, posted this comment on Aug 30th, 2009

NO GENJU OF THE REALMS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Drakdrium13, posted this comment on Aug 30th, 2009

sorry! throw Genju Of The Realms in with the other genjus or above squirrel nest

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