MTG – Top 10 Illusions

MTG – Top 10 Illusions

Taking a look at the best illusions ever printed!

Illusions are weird creatures. Some seem like they could hold other creature types, but for whatever reason, they are illusions. Some revovle around bouncing to and from your hand, but most have their own unique abilities, making them very different from one another. This list showcases the best of these bizarre cards. What will make the list? Read on and find out!

#10 Draining Whelk

This card may cost a bundle of mana just to counter a spell, but it’s worth it! When you have the mana for this card, your opponent will probably have about the same amount. They will use that mana to play a BIG spell, and then you can counter it! You then get to make this card a whole lot bigger too! It’s a win/win! Of course, it’s not the most practical counter card, but certainly a good one.

#9 Mistform Ultimus

Here’s a card that was amazing when it was first created. It was an amazing concept and lots of players loved it. However, since the creation of changelings, this card has been made obsolete. It’s sad to see it go, but consider its place on the list in regards to its former power and prowess, not its new and delapidated form.

#8 Mistform Warchief

This card like Mistform Ultimus, but more useful today. It can become any creature type, but what makes it more useful than Mistform Ultimus is that it reduces the cost of creature spells that share a type with it. This means you can change its creature type and then make something like a wurm or dragon cost less mana. It’s a cool idea and even with the changelings of the Lorwyn block, this card still gets the job done.

#7 Phantom Warrior

A 2/2 unblockable creature for only three mana is awesome. It was the first creature to ever be unblockable without any strings attached. It didn’t have to attack alone or have some upkeep cost. It was and is still today a very impressive and powerful card. Two damage a turn adds up!

#6 Aetherplasm

Liked it
magicplayerportugal, posted this comment on Nov 1st, 2009

Yeh cool list actually, i like those cards but something on me feels that the number one and number twho should be switched.
however in the worst case cenario the 2nd didn`t do most nothing (especially the 1st) but in the best case cenario gaining control of all enchantments is….prety AWESOME.

Baboshka, posted this comment on Nov 13th, 2010

How do you feel about Chameleon Spirit from Mercadian-Masques?

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