MTG: Top 10 Planeswalkers

MTG: Top 10 Planeswalkers

Taking a look at the best planeswalkers ever printed!

Well, my good friend Mike1229 made an article about planeswalkers not too long ago and I figured it was time for me to give it a shot. Check his article out too. But, let’s get down to it. What are the best planeswalkers?

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#10 Sorin Markov

The most awesome planeswalker of Zendikar, this card’s first two abilities are usable as soon as it comes into play. The first ability can take out smaller creatures and can also ebb at your opponent’s life total. Not only that, but this ability also increases your life as it works. The second ability works with the vampire tribal decks, as many of the new vampire cards work better when your opponent has ten life or less, so instantly making an opponent’s life ten provides a huge boost. Of course, the last ability is Mindslaver, so how can that be bad? This card has great balance and offers a lot as a planeswalker. However, the biggest downside of this card is that it costs six mana, which is just one mana too much for it to be any higher than this on the list. It’s a total bomb in EDH as well, and that’s the biggest reason it makes the list.

#9 Tezzeret The Seeker

Like Liliana, this card is about its tutor ability. You want to bring out that artifact you need for an an infinite combo. Artifacts are so powerful, and this card is like their king. Have fun tutoring! The final ability is alright, but it’s a lot weaker than the second. The first ability is used by many players to go infinite with various artifacts or kick off combos. If you’re running a deck with lots of artifact lands, this card’s first ability works the same as Garruk Wildspeaker’s first ability.This card is a little limited because it’s pretty much only good for artifact decks, but it has a lot of power to throw around! It’s downfall is that it cost five mana, and the best planeswalkers all run at about four mana.

#8 Elspeth Tirel

Liked it
Mike1229, posted this comment on May 19th, 2009

Might Switch Bolas and Ajani G. but great list! I like it :) right on.

elpfan18, posted this comment on May 21st, 2009

I like this list the way it is, more or less, although I think Ajani Goldmane should be at the bottom; at least Chandra’s got some removal, and she comes into play with a lot of loyalty. Also, I think Ajani Vengeant should be given a bit more credit for his ultimate; it’s a game-winner in 1 on 1, and a force to be reckoned with no matter what. I do agree that mostly it’s too tempting to use the Lightning Helix ability though.

IM RICK JAMES, BITCH, posted this comment on Jun 4th, 2009

this is incredably stupid. nicol bolas is one of the best if not the best. even though he costs 8-whatever, you get his good ability within 3 turns, and during which, you could kill your opponents cards that are a threat to it. and after you kill all their stuff, you can move on to killing and gaining control of everything they own. this is the most ridiculous list ive ever seen

Drakdrium13, posted this comment on Jun 5th, 2009

Nicol Bolas is definetly the strongest planeswalker, but he is also the hardest to play. by the time you have eight mana you should be so close to winning that he won\’t do anything. in a good deck you should have dealt at least 13 damage by then. throw that eight mana into a fireball and you win. why slow things down with Bolas?

sweetestsadist, posted this comment on Jun 11th, 2009

Um… There’s only 10 planeswalker cards. You just had to put them in the order you wanted. Way to research.

Drakdrium13, posted this comment on Jun 11th, 2009

ha, i know there are only ten so far. i figured that more people would google “MTG” along with “Top 10″ though so i just titled it that. i’m not that dumb

magicjax, posted this comment on Aug 16th, 2009

i like it lot i got sarkhan vol so i love seeing it at the bottom, i also have vengent but i do think that most people dont relize is nicol bolas is a planeswalker killer look at his first ability .

cody, posted this comment on Sep 20th, 2009

Nicol Bolas is also one of my least favorites, when he first came out i thought it was an amazing card… but not anymore, sure his abilities are cheap and all. Though it costs 8 to play, and by the time you play its final ability i doubt your opponent would have 7 cards in his/her hand… unless it were a blue deck or something, not to mention, as someone said earlier, by the time he\’s on the field you should be allready kicking some serious butt.

The only way i can see this card being useful is if your opponent has some serious defense and one of those decks that stall games completely and you have no cards in your deck to deal with decks like that.

monoman, posted this comment on Nov 19th, 2009

Nicol Bolas is amazing. There is no question about it. He just isn’t as amazing as the other Planeswalkers. By the time one gets him out, the game is usauly one sided and it is pretty clear who will win. If you are winning, whats the point? Unless you are one of those people who like to toy with their opponents and see how bad they can crush them, then he would be useful. Or the flip side, if you are losing. Yes, he can turn the tide, but it will take a while to do so. You would have to survive long enough to shoot off his final abillity, which would be hard because your opponent would become much more aggressive. Elspeth, one the other hand, is kind of cheap. Even if she dies, if I am not mistaken, her final abillity still lingers. If all of ones side of the field is indestructable, the game will go nowhere but down hill for your opponent. The only way they could still win is if they pull out a Lure or a Taunting Elf and charge for a glorious victory, or they pull a Coalition Victory out of thin air (which I don’t think I have ever seen happen). Nicol Bolas is good, but he is not as good as the others. This is just my opinion, take it or leave it. This list, I think, was pretty darn accurate.

Drakdrium13, posted this comment on Nov 19th, 2009

for the record monoman, elspeth’s final ability does last even after she is destroyed. however, i’ve defeated people that’ve used it before. even if their creatures are indestructible, if you can get at their life then they’ll still be toast

tuamae, posted this comment on Dec 22nd, 2009

wtf??? where is nicol bolas

Drakdrium13, posted this comment on Dec 22nd, 2009

nicol bolas was on the list… at the bottom. however, as new planeswalkers were released he was removed. althoug he certainly is the most powerful planeswalker, his high mana cost makes him nearly unplayable. by the time you have the eight mana required to play him you are usually in a position to win anyway. i have only seen nicol bolas used once effectively. its more a planeswalker for show

joe, posted this comment on Dec 25th, 2009

i only see tezzeret to be effective in a deck that plays with artifacts. i see how it could be strong, but i think it should place in between sarkhan vol and jace beleren.

Drakdrium13, posted this comment on Dec 25th, 2009

my thoughts exactly! I’ve been reevaluating this list and i’m going to put tezzeret either above or below Garruk and add Jace the Mindsculptor as the number two card once it is officially released with Worlwake

NICOL BOLAS IS COOL, posted this comment on Jan 11th, 2010

my favorite is nicol bolas i got him in a booster pack at the alara reborn prerelease ever since that’s been my favorite card

Uberpwnt, posted this comment on Feb 13th, 2010

Im new to magic but even i noteced how people were saying theres only ten plains walkers and the big disscusion on nicol bolas but hes not even on the list so if theres a top ten list where theres only ten to choose from how come hes not there?

Drakdrium13, posted this comment on Feb 14th, 2010

there were only ten planeswalkers when this list was first created. however, now there are 14. nicol bolas is not on the list because he’s too expensive to be useful most of the time, though he does have the most powerful abilities in terms of destruction

Bill, posted this comment on Mar 17th, 2010

Nicol Bolas by far best Planeswalker but he does take a bit of mana. I’ve taken on Elspeth… They lost horribly. And he’s only good if you\’re losing or somehow you get 8 mana impossibly fast.

Steven, posted this comment on Mar 21st, 2010

You put that liliana’s 3rd ability is pretty much unusable. I have a blue/black deck that’s almost done. Her ability can be used easily with it. I made my friend discard 100 cards tonight in one turn. He only had like 40 left so I didn’t get ta use her ability but my deck has the potential too. And her copycat demonic tutor is excellent for me. I can play her fifth turn, look for Traumatize, and play it 6th turn and make u discard half ur deck. It’s pretty awesome. Good list though

Drakdrium13, posted this comment on Mar 21st, 2010

How you made someone discard 100 cards? I assume you’re exaggerating because that means you game would have been over 100 turns, and your decks contain roughly 150 cards. Not impossible, but what format are you playing? or is it just casual gaming?

joe, posted this comment on Mar 21st, 2010

i like to equip the avatar token with lifelink :)
throw in a felidar sovereign and you have victory

Hell_Knight42211, posted this comment on Mar 24th, 2010

Nicol Bolas would be quite useful, and if you use cards to grab mana then you can play him alot sooner than eight turns…
I mean if you use him then usually you would run a five color deck, so you can throw in things like Rampant Growth, or even the enchantment, Lush Growth, enchanted land is a mountain forest and plains. You have three lands on your first turn…
You just have to be smart about putting Bolas in a deck…
Liliana Vess and Jace Beleren work swell together as well…
Say they have no cards in hand use Beleren’s ability to make each of you draw, and Vess’ to make them discard…
Personally Jace and Liliana are my favorite right now…
Oh and I can’t forget Markov, beautiful!

Hell_Knight42211, posted this comment on Mar 24th, 2010

Nice combo Steven, then if you want to get fancy use Beleren\’s ability to make you put the top twnety in your own graveyard…
Use Vess\’ to pull them all out…
Just be careful because a Ground Seal I believe it is will stop her, and you have to watch out for Phage the Untouchable in a graveyard as well…

joe, posted this comment on Apr 24th, 2010


Your Face, posted this comment on Apr 30th, 2010

Nicol Bolas is the best. You say he is hard to play, so put lots of non-basic land in your deck! He’s good enough to build a deck for!

Drakdrium13, posted this comment on Apr 30th, 2010

He’s hard to play not because you need to fix your mana base, but because his mana cost is so high. Granted, you could build a deck around him and make it really good, but these other planeswalkers can go in pretty much any deck. Non-basic lands wouldn’t really help unless they added more than just one or two mana. I guess Tolarian Academy could be helpful, but why even use Bolas then? Tezzeret would be the better choice

I defend Nissa, posted this comment on May 2nd, 2010

Great list! I definately agree with Nicol Bolas not there because of mana costs. And Jace (2) and Elsbeth are definately the best two. But where’s Nissa? compare her to other plainswalkers on the list especially Tezzernat.
Tezzernat Nissa
Mana cost 5 3
first ability not much effect free creature
second self draining tutor Outragous life gain
ultimate big attack 30 elves in play!
loyalty not great cost to loyalty okay, dies to m10 bolt

Nissa wins everywhere except loyalty!

Drakdrium13, posted this comment on May 2nd, 2010

The reason I didn’t put Nissa on the list is because she’s really only good for standard or limited because she actually slows down vintage and legacy elf decks.

Also, Tezzeret’s first ability allows for ridiculous combos. the second allows you to grab cards for your combos, and the third is actually kind of useless. The first and second though are way better than Nissa’s if you’re looking at the entire MTG specturm

Guest, posted this comment on May 6th, 2010

You did not put Nicol Bolas on the list. I think he should be number two. He comes into play with 5 loyalty counters, and his adding ability is destroy non creature permanent which adds three counters. His second ability subtracts 2 counters and lets you take control of target creature until the game ends, and his last ability kicks butt. Its minus 9 counters and it deals 7 damage to target player, makes them discard 7 cards and makes them sacrifice 7 permanents. Its really good as you can see, and you can use his last ability two turns after you summon him. The only down side is that he cost 8 lands to tap. Two black, one blue, one red ad four colorless. Other than that, he is epic.

Bolas sucks!, posted this comment on May 19th, 2010

I left a really stupid comment about nissa a while ago but i realized that i just had a timmy moment when i imagined 30 elves in play (no offense to timmies.) but i still cant believe how many people think that nicol bolas is good? i mean really, how good is a amazingly powerful destruction engine, but wait he COSTS 8! most decks win in standared by the 4-6 turn. even the current U/W control can win by the 8th turn! maybe hes good in a RoE draft… NO because you cant support the mana! he sucks! oh and i still think Tezzernat should be bumped. He cost five… but has a lame ultimate (maybe artifact lands?) and his second cant get a large converted mana cost. and you said infinite combos with his first. ? whatever i still like this list. except soren. dont make me rant about high mana costs. I dont care how badass he is. And lastly maybe Ajana (the origanal) shouldnt be on the list but i realized that his 2nd ability really could in a token deck. maybe before zendikar in standared with B/W tokens? i dont know.

Frank, posted this comment on May 20th, 2010

Are planeswalker abilities colorless? Because if they are you can use Sarkhan Vol in a deck against polymorph emrakul (who is protected from colored spells). Just gain control of emrakul as soon as he’s summoned

Frank, posted this comment on May 20th, 2010

at least if polymorph into emrakul is played then he doesn’t get an extra turn, and the it can attack onece i guess, but when it is your turn: he’s yours!

Drakdrium13, posted this comment on May 20th, 2010

Bolas Sucks: I agree about Nicol Bolas. I once put Tezzert a lot lower on the list, but since seeing it in action I’ve reconsidered. It’s really powerful. Also, Sorin is a little slow. He may need to move down the list, but he’s still somewhere in the top 10 I think. I know not many people play EDH, but if you use him in that format it’s pretty devastating.

Frank: Since Emrakul has protection from colored spells, abilities still affect it. Sarkhan Vol would be able to target it since their abilties aren’t spells. Also, Journey To Nowhere and Oblivion Ring also work to get rid of Emrakul if you’re trying to just get it out of play rather than take control of it.

same guy who commented before, posted this comment on May 20th, 2010

Drakdrium: I have to say… your articles about magic are the best on Quazen. sorry that was random. but anywhy i really only play standared or causual with mainly week decks. I do not quite understand EDH. is the game completely slowed down so soren is good? And what stragegies do you use with your general? but if you can support him Nicol bolas could actually be good in EDH right? i dont know… can you tell me more about EDH. Oh and with Gidean Jura does the final ability make it so that if a creature deals damage to you and directs it to Gidean, it does nothing? or does that only matter to the creature?

bob, posted this comment on May 20th, 2010

Sorry Soren is good because his second ability in EDH. I knew that.

Drakdrium13, posted this comment on May 20th, 2010

Same guy: EDH is a lot slower than regular MTG. You usually have pretty big creatures on the board to. casting cards with mana costs of 7+ is no big deal, so a planeswalker for six is nothing. His second ability makes him powerful in EDH. It’s because in EDH you have 40 life, so he’s very much worth his casting cost when you can take away 30 life as soon as it hits the table.

Bolas is good in EDH, but only in EDH. Sorin does have use in other decks and is much quicker and more powerful in EDH so he beats Bolas (in case anyone wants to argue for Bolas again).

Drakdrium13, posted this comment on May 20th, 2010

As for your question about Gideon, I’m a little confused as to what you’re asking. If you’re asking if Gideon takes no damage as a creature, then yes. Also, he only stays a creature until the end of the turn, meaning Gideon won’t be a creature on your opponent’s turn ever (unless you somehow skip your end phase or something bizarre like that, which I don’t even know if it’s possible). i hope that answers your question. if not, please write it again in different words, as i had trouble understanding it.

bob, posted this comment on May 21st, 2010

Sorry… i just realized that what i said is impossible because planeswalkers can only activate abilities on your turn. But thanks for the advice on EDH! im probably going to build a EDH deck with Ratiq of the Many as my general.

Maxymale, posted this comment on Jun 2nd, 2010

Idiot!!!!!!!!!! Jace, The mind sculpurtor, has ability, that makes your opponent loses that game, or have few turns left. Elspereth(or sth like that) is useless then! What about your indestruction ability, if when you have no cards on hand Jace makes you instantly lose the game! On shadowmoor is card that doubles number of counters, so probably you won’t wait for jace 4th ability to come long.

Drakdrium13, posted this comment on Jun 2nd, 2010

Sorry Macymale, but I still think that Elspeth is the best planeswalker right now. The counter doubling method is good, but even so, Jace’s final ability isn’t the best part of that card. It’s the brainstorm. It’s nice that it has that win condition, but if you’re building up to it you’re missing the point of that card. Elspeth has 3 abilities that are all great. Jace has three that are great, but one of those costs too much loyalty. Plus, Jace had second, which isn’t bad. I recognize its Jace’s power but feel that Elspeth still comes out over top him

White and blue, posted this comment on Sep 18th, 2010

Yeah i would agree to bump jace above elspeth just for the fact he does have a end game ability and you can still exile indestructable permanents

Drakdrium13, posted this comment on Sep 19th, 2010

This list is going to be revised soon once Scars Of Mirrodin comes out, so get ready to see a lot of new faces! Also, I’m pretty sure that Elspeth will no longer hold the top spot. Who will be the new number one? Well, come back and check this article out in about a week and you’ll see who it is!

izno, posted this comment on Oct 27th, 2010

Gideon jura 6 OMG you smoke ? I think he have the 4 or 5, but not the 6… He\’s one of the best imba planeswalker. And elspeth knight have leave the T2 so remove its of the top list.

I think the real top list T2 is :

Jace .2
Elspeh tirel

Drakdrium13, posted this comment on Oct 27th, 2010

Gideon Jura is at six because he costs five mana first of all. Second, he isn’t useful all around like the Jaces, Garruk, etc. You’re looking at this list in terms of a T2 player, not a general MTG player. Elspeth is still amazing, regardless of the formats she’s legal in. A 5 CMC planeswalker needs to be a lot better than Gideon to crack top 5. Of course, that’s just my opinion

Control, posted this comment on Nov 17th, 2010

Nice list and I agree with all but Gideon Jura. I know you have stated that he is at 6 because of his cost. But being realistic the type of deck that would most likely use him is a control deck and control decks (mine at least) enjoy sitting during a game and slowly limiting an opponents options. turn 5 is fairly realistic for a control deck to reach. Plus when he arrives he cant force your opponents creatures into unwanted (and most likely unsuccessful) combat. Great combo is Gideon with the Sunblast Angel. Force an all out attack then blow up all tapped creatures. Plus if he survives the all out attack (as you pointed out this is likely with some well placed instants) and then you sunblast angel, you can then turn gideon into a 6/6 that can swing away with no resistance. He is an army irking planewalker begging to be comboed. Im not sayin he should be number 1 (my jace is in the same deck as my gideon) but he deserves a top 5 mention. 6 just seems to low for a card with such combo potential.

Control, posted this comment on Nov 17th, 2010

I meant to say he CAN force an all out unwanted assault

ERICx223, posted this comment on Dec 12th, 2010

I’m not going to argue with any body, but my 2 favorites happen to be Garruk Wildspeaker and Ajani Vengeant. their just great cards.

Anonymous, posted this comment on Dec 21st, 2010

Agree with your 1, 2, and 3.

My top 5:

1. Jace the Mindcheater- should be banned IMO. This card is ridiculously powerful. Too unfair and saps the enjoyment out of every game. Best combined with white silence and exile spells. The ultimate card in UW control.

2. Elspeth Knight Errant- most players use this on white or weenie decks, but this card works surprisingly well with other colors.

3. Koth the Hammer- very useful on mono reds. The first ability is all a player will need to finish up games.

4. Sorin Markov- most people use this exclusively on mono black or vampire builds but combining it with white or blue spells does wonders as well.

5. Gideon Jura- the most underestimated planeswalker card. The first and last abilities are great if properly utilized.

The rest are just equal IMO…

Formal, posted this comment on Dec 26th, 2010

Though I do like the list, I would still say that some of the places are a bit esquew. Now I wouldn’t take my comment to heart since I’m not the much a pro, I mostly do free play and sometimes FNM but personally I would have included Ajani G and maybe place Elspeth Tirel a tad bit higher. Based on her abilities it would be assumed that your playing her in a large token gen deck. In a white deck you would have played multiple cheap creatures for her first ability to work off of. The second ability is essentially prepping you for when you use her last ability, and her last ability makes the field yours to control. Even tokens aside, she can use her ultimate ability second turn and even survive after use, which is more than what a lot of the other planes walkers can say. As for Ajani, I like his ability but I like his potential even more. For one, I saw him being used in combo with “Wall of Reverence” creating an avatar whose power could exponentially grow. Even if your not using him for that, if Ajani is used in combo with Elspeth Tirel, you could produce a large number of tokens, beef them up, gain life for them, and then create a master avatar token and destroy all other opposing creatures. To end this before it drags on any further, I would at least acknowledge Ajani gold mane and out E Tirel above Sarkahn vol, I mena he gets out earlier out takes 3 turn to get to ultimate. For her, two and she might be out by the time he is and destroys him and anything he produced.

Formal, posted this comment on Dec 26th, 2010

I like the list for the most part but I think parts of it are a bit escew. I wouldn’t take this comment to heart because I’m not a pro and I mainly play for fun with the occasional tournament. Personally I would have at least acknowledged Ajani G and placed Elspeth T a tad bit higher. When using Elspeth T, it should be understood that you would include her in a swarm deck, or at least token gen. In the game, by the time you have played her you should already have a small army for her first ability to play off of. Her second ability basically preps you for her last ability and services the first. When you have a good size army you can obliterate the field and control it from there on. As for Ajani, I like his ability a lot and I like his possibilities even more. I had once seen a combo of him and “Wall of Reverence.” In short, a token avatar with an infinantely power. If you don’t use him for that, you could at least combo him with Elspeth Tirel. You could gain life when you put Ajani G in, then when elspeth comes in you can get three token, then use Ajani’s 2nd ability to beef them. Essentially you could get a beefed up token army, gain a life for each token you made, make an avatar token whou gains life with Elspeth’s 1st abilty, and destroy the field of all other creatures and etc with your token to control. To end this before it drags on any further, (too late), Ajani should be at least mentioned and Elspeth Tirel at least deserves to be placed higher than Sarkahn Vol. Sure he gets out earlier but it would be three turns until you use his best ability and when you do he’s dead. As for Elspeth Tirel, it would take 1 turn to build it up and second turn you could blow the field up, plus she would survive, which is a lot more than what a lot of planes walkers can say. Also, (last tid bit) I wouldn’t ignore the new ability of proliferate. Just saying, with Jace Beleren, you could get to his last ability faster.

Formal, apologizing, posted this comment on Dec 26th, 2010

aw DArn it, If your looking at my posts I accidentally posted twice. My browser had cut off in mid type and when I looked for my comment it was gone the first time I looked.

Formal, posted this comment on Dec 27th, 2010

I know this comment will probably bring a lot of hate towards me but I’m not so crazy about Elspeth Knight Errant. I prefer the new one. I know everyone is saying “Knight errant would probably get all the stuff indestructible making Tirel useless” but I don’t like the fact that you have to wait four turns just to build it up. At least tirel only takes one turn to build up and second turn she could destroy the field. She’s not a game ender but she is a heck of a game changer. As a Koth of the Hammer VS Elspeth Knight Errant, when he gets 6 counters, he can just burn Knight errant down to one, or he could just use his second ability to allow a barrage of burn spells on Knight Errant or the player. To be blunt, Knight Errant isn’t a game ender nor is it a complete game changer. Should it be against a counter deck, the field could end up void. Elpeth Kinght Errant only protects you from destruction spells or damage, but should she vs a control deck it wouldn’t matter how powerful her creatures are. I could give an example such as Faeries VS treefolk form lorwn. You can get Timber Protector into play quickly making the your creatures indestructable, but against a well made fairy deck it would still be suseptable to counter spells, unsummon spells, tapping spells. MY point is, even with an indestrucatble field, you are still vulnerable. Don’t get me wrong, Knight Errant still deserves to be an the top 5 or 3, I just don’t think she should be thought of as highly

NoobSeason, posted this comment on Dec 28th, 2010

… Why is Ajani Vengeant not on the list when Super Friends splashed red just to run him and lightning bolt? Seriously, holding down a mana so your opponent is either color screwed or at the least a turn behind you is RIDICULOUSLY POWERFUL. It makes him the hardest to get rid of hand down, and he blows up all of your opponent’s lands as an ultimate. His abilities are better than Elspeth Tiral in every way, he’s better costed than Sorin Markov, and he’s more useful than Jace Beleren since his ult is relevant and while drawing a card is nice, I’d much rather “draw” an extra lightning helix than risk hitting a land any day.

Formal, posted this comment on Jan 5th, 2011

Yeah he’s good but it doesn’t destroy the enemies field, he takes four turns just to do the last ability and lets not forget you still have to wait till the 5th revolution to use it, his second ability isn’t that great since it’s only 3 damage, you could argue you gain life but in the end, is it really worth the loss of counters you took turns to get. At best you could tap one permanent when gaining counters but there are far better first abilities than that. Ajani Vengeant’s abilities take time and stalling, if you argue his second ability is helpful or a game changer it just seems you could use spells that will result the same. 5th turn just to get a guy you have to spend 5 turns just to use the only redeeming ability.

Josh, posted this comment on Jan 6th, 2011

jace mindsculptor is cool but once again he would be curbstomped by nicol bolas ability (which is a 3 ability by the way) over and over again nicol bolas the strongest planeswalker pwns he may be expensive but the game is only half started by the time you get him out if youre playing someone good. jace is too flashy whearas bolas is ridiculously effective

James, posted this comment on Jan 13th, 2011


Um, you realize that the better the players the SHORTER the game will be, not longer?

In Standard games are over by turn 6, and Nicol Bolas is never, ever, ever used for this reason alone.

Control, posted this comment on Jan 18th, 2011

I agree with James, good players have rediculous speed most of the time. I have only seen Bolas hit the field in casual play. If you can get Bolas on the field in competitive play kudos to you, but most players are not gunna let you do that. Where as Jace is a turn 4 constant brainstorm, allowing good players to speed up their game by a rediculous margin. Maybe if this list was seperated by casual and competitive play he would make the list, but it is not so fittingly Bolas does not make the cut.

NickleDime, posted this comment on Feb 3rd, 2011

Baby Jace should be #2. It’s by far the best of the originals. No Ajani Vengeant? Or even Goldmane? Both have seen far more play than Sorin or Sarkhan.

zendikar, posted this comment on Feb 9th, 2011

this is actually one of the stupidist planswalkers in the world!

zendikar, posted this comment on Feb 9th, 2011

this is actually one of the worst
planswalkers in the world!

MrRHardy, posted this comment on Jun 29th, 2011

I like the list and while I agree with the number one slot, I have to admit that I was really hoping that it wouldn’t be Jace

Drakdrium13, posted this comment on Jun 30th, 2011

i know, but JTMS is just too good to ignore. though elspeth used to be the top! she was cool!

K_tty, posted this comment on Aug 22nd, 2012

I wish I had gotten #2, but the store I saw it in had it priced at $25. That one card. So i got Sorin for 5 instead.

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