MTG: Top 20 Horrors

MTG: Top 20 Horrors

Taking a look at the best horrors ever printed!

Aaaah! I just had a nightmare! Oh wait, no. I just looked at this list. This is the top twenty horror of all time!

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#20 Canker Abomination

Canker Abomination can be a very powerful card for only four mana. It works best in a black control deck. As soon as your opponent has two or less creatures play this card. You might not get a chance to use it to its full potential otherwise. Also, if this card is in a deck that works around moving -1/-1 counters, then it’s fine to play it whenever you want.

#19 Tsabo Tavoc

This card is very cool. Not because of its abilities, but because it has a cool picture and flavor text. But, since this card is a 7/4 first striker with pro-legends it’s not bad either! It can destroy target legendary creature, which can really come in handy

#18 Hell’s Caretaker

This card is dangerous to play with because it’s such a target for Shock and things like it. However, the ability to sacrifice a creature and then get any creature from your graveyard back is awesome. Buried Alive works wonders with this card.

#17 Cosmic Horror

A 7/7 with first strike for only six mana is awesome. You have to pay six every turn or sacrifice it and take seven damage. It’s worth it though! This is an affordable card that has a lot of power.

#16 Greater Harvester

You’ll need to combine this card with Breeding Pit or some other card that generates permanents. If you think you can manage without such cards be careful that this card doesn’t start backfiring. Luckily, you can sacrifice it to itself. This card is a good cast for only five mana and works in a variety of decks.

#15 Guiltfeeder

Since this card has fear, it’s almost gauranteed that it will damage your opponent every turn. However, if your opponent was playing with artifact or black creatures, cards like Crafty Pathmage and Writ Of Passage work well with this card. This card is amazing in mill decks.

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Mike1229, posted this comment on Apr 17th, 2009

Good call for #1

elpfan18, posted this comment on May 25th, 2009

I agree with most of these; I don’t think Vebulid should even be on here, much less 3rd place out of 20… Nemesis of Reason and Ichorid should have been on here in my opinion.

phil, posted this comment on Nov 3rd, 2009

all of these are good except i don’t think Greater Harvester should be on here because I don’t think it’s worth it sacrificing a creature. also I think Nemesis of Reason deserves a spot on this list.

demented sommons, posted this comment on Mar 3rd, 2010

Nemisis of reason has to be on here. also grief tyrant. revise this list. look harder for horrors.

Drakdrium13, posted this comment on Mar 3rd, 2010

I would disagree with you on Grief Tyrant, but Nemesis of reason didn’t exist when I made this list. I would like to add it though once i get the time.

Ammanas, posted this comment on Mar 28th, 2011

what about plague spitter… in my opinion that one damage a turn if built around, could be devastating especially with chewing up early mana generators. Not to mention the combo’s you can accomplish with this guy, add lifelink, infect, deathtouch, etc.

Plus i just love the artwork about plague spitter. I believe he deserves to be on this list, or atleast an honorable mention.


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