MTG: Top 20 Knights

MTG: Top 20 Knights

Taking a look at the best knights ever printed in MTG.

Knights are cool. Plain and simple. People have always loved all that medieval sutff because of knights. Well, taking that into consideration, I thought it would be cool to take a look at the best knight cards ever printed. Some of these are on here because they work well in a knight deck, and some because they’re just so good! Let’s get started!

Riftmarked Knight

Can you wait for three turns? If you can, then this card is awesome. You get two good knights for the price of one. Plus, the suspend cost and the casting cost are the same, so if you really need a creature out, it isn’t as if this card will be unplayable.

Marton Stromgald

Where do they come up with these names? Anyway, this card is good to use in that final assault on your opponent. Chances are that he’ll dies in that assault, which is why you don’t want to charge with him reckelessly. However, boosting all your creatures has never been a bad thing. The only problem with this card is its mana cost. A 1/1 for four mana is just a little pricy.

Adun Oakenshield

A card that before the new Alara block was much less useful. However, now that three colored decks are all the rage, this card is actually pretty good. It’s getting better as the new blocks come out.

Knight-Captain Of Eos

A little expensive, this card is worth a lot more in a soldier deck. Being able to use Fog twice isn’t bad on its own though. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with getting more creatures in play.

Cavalry Master

One of the incredible uncommons from Time Spiral, this card made knight decks much more powerful. Being able to give creatures -2/-2 is really cool. Have a couple of these out and make your knights appear to have deathtouch! However, the only downside is that it only gives flanking to creatures with flanking.

Knight Of The White Orchid

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Mike1229, posted this comment on Apr 12th, 2009

good list. ive never even seen the last one before. lol
sigiled paladin is a good knight too! :)

guy, posted this comment on May 12th, 2009

its a vedalken knight because it is riding a mount

KotserB, posted this comment on Jun 26th, 2010

I think Knight of Meadowgrain is an awesome knight

Alex Vain, posted this comment on Dec 29th, 2010

Umm is Lim-Dul’s Paladin actually considered a knight – like with Knight Exemplar would he get +1/+1? Speaking of, where is Knight Exemplar?

Leonardo, posted this comment on Feb 13th, 2011

Great list. I agree that Knight of Meadowgrain (works great with Empyrial Armour) is good. Also agree that Knight Exemplar is great as is Student of Warfare.

Sad not too see Black and White Knights in the list. I prefer them to Order of the White Shield etc as the mana used to pump those/give them first strike early in the game is best used for other knights/clearing your path etc.

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