MTG: Top 20 One Drop Enchantments

MTG: Top 20 One Drop Enchantments

Taking a look at the best one drop enchantments of all time!

Enchantments are an important part of MTG. They offer a continuos effect that instants and sorceries really can’t provide. Some work offensively and some work defensively. Some do things that don’t fit into either category. This list is all about those enchantments you can drop on the first turn that really pay off later on (or right away!).

#20 Helix Pinnacle

This card is hard to destroy and hard to use. It’s a card for those decks that can draw out a game forever. I’ve never seen it used to win a game without an infinite mana combo. It’s not popular for a win with infinite mana combos because it’s more fun to just use a Fireball, but it is still a possibility and an interesting card.

#19 Darkest Hour

This card can be used a few interesting ways. I like to combo this with Light Of Day. It makes all creatures useless for combat. This means you can build a deck around using a ton of cards that tap for cool abilities. Your opponent will have a bunch of useless creatures while you can tap to do this and that. It’s a card that on it’s own doesn’t do a lot, but can be used in ways you might not think of.

#18 Flood

This card is a good way to tie down some creatures that give you trouble. It’s really only useful in a mono blue deck, but can have limited use outside of one. It’s a cool card that’s underestimated. I’ve lost to this card several times.

#17 Onslaught

This card is for those decks that swarm an opponent. It’s all abotu speed. Is there a connection to the set Onslaught and this card? Perhaps, but I can’t confirm or deny that. I can confirm that this card works well when you play a deck with a lot of low cost creatures with haste.

#16 Exploration

An extra land a turn? That’s power. In MTG, how much land you have is almost equal to how much power you have. This card is perfect to use with all those green cards that allow you to search your library for a land card and put it into your hand. It’s a nice card, but you’ll see there are a few better ones a little later on our list.

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