MTG – Top 30 Elementals

MTG – Top 30 Elementals

Taking a look at the best elemental cards ever printed in MTG.

Let’s take a look at the best elementals ever printed! There have been over 200 elementals printed and here are the best! Now, there are two in particular that aren’t making this list. The two I’m talking about are Nova Chaser and Supreme Exemplar. Both require you to champion an elemental. This list is more for cards that are good on their own and not dependent on being in a elemental deck. Horde Of Notionsis the only card that would be in an elemental only deck that appears on this list. With out further delay, the top thirty elementals of all time!

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Grinning Ignus

This card is great at accelerating your mana. What makes it really good is that it isn’t a one time only thing. This can be used again and again. A card that can go in most any red deck.

Stigma Lasher

This card is actually very good. It could’ve been in the top ten, but upon closer examination came in at the bottom of the list. Although preventing your opponent from gaining life is great, you actually have to hit them with this card first. If you get this in play early in the game it may be possible, but otherwise this is just a 2/2 with whither. Also, not every deck focuses on gaining life, so this card is by no means useful 100% of the time. Still, it isn’t bad either.

Tar Fiend

This card can get pretty big… but it doesn’t have any offensive abilities like trample or flying. Also, the discard ability that it has isn’t very good. By the time you have six mana, your opponent is likely to have dumped out most of their hand. For six mana I would much rather cast other creature spells. However, having a 4/4 that can grow much larger can be good. If you set it up right, this card can do wonders.


The worst of the elemental incarnations, Purity comes in at number twenty-seven. By no means a bad card, it is much more specific than the other elemental incarnations. The only spells that usually deal damage to your life are red spells. As a result, Purity is really only working at its best when facing a red deck. However, it is a good way to keep yourself from being milled. Just keep casting it then using Animal Boneyard to sacrifice it. You’ll also get six life a turn which is nothing to laugh at.

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Mike1229, posted this comment on Apr 7th, 2009

haha i have an elemental article on the way! lol i wish i knew you were typing this one… mines the most powerful, period, so it’s a little differant i guess… it sould be up any second

good job btw :)

Drakdrium13, posted this comment on Apr 9th, 2009

I think that Molimo should be lower on the list. I don’t feel like editing the article, but i wanted to make sure anyone who wanted to comment would know that I want to move Molimo lower on the list

Vince wehking, posted this comment on Nov 13th, 2009

Hey about hostility it says wen a spell u control wud deal damage to an opponent prevent it and put in a 3/1 in for every 1 damage prevented this way. well u cant attack with anything cuz your creatures count as spells. that send the game into infinite unless u kill hostility. plzz reply cuz i dont get it.

Drakdrium13, posted this comment on Nov 13th, 2009

I used to think the same thing when I started playing MTG, so it’s no big deal Vince. The thing is, creatures only count as spells when they’re on the stack. A card is only a spell when it’s on the stack in fact. So, since the creatures are in play, they don’t count as spells. Also, these are tokens and not regular creatures. Now, don’t quote me on this one, because this is the part i’m unsure about, but i don’t think tokens are ever spells because they don’t use the stack. They just come into play from an effect or ability that uses the stack, but they never actually go on the stack. Like I said, I don’t know about tokens using the stack, but since that’s not really needed info for your question, it doesn’t matter as much. bottom line is that the creatures from Hostility aren’t spells when they attack

monoman, posted this comment on Nov 19th, 2009

What about Valor? I am pretty sure that guy can at least beat Grinning Ingus. In my opinion, having all of my creatures get first strike is better then a little mana boost…

monoman, posted this comment on Nov 19th, 2009

Oh, wait. He is just an incarnation. Sorry. The list is great, definitly one of your better lists.

Zeet, posted this comment on Jun 9th, 2010

What about roil elemental? It’s AT LEAST better than grinning ignus.

Drakdrium13, posted this comment on Jun 9th, 2010

I would have included Roil Elemental if it had been printed at the time I created this list. I’ll probably update this list in a month or two if i get up the motivation for it. Thanks for the comment though

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